Relax Now

Relax at a brook

17 minute guided meditation

Ahh, what a beautiful sight. A lush forest and a gentle babbling brook are close to us. Listen to it, how the water drips, and the feelings of stress go away. Take a seat at the small stone and meditate your thoughts away.

Water is powerful. Be like water, as Bruce Lee already told us. It can calm us down and relax. And the Relax Now meditation combines water with a soothing voice, so you get a double dose of relaxation.

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Latest Reviews of Relax Now Meditation

Rated: 5 stars

Thank you so much. This lockdown thing is stressing me out... I go crazy with my husband and kids around for weeks, cant even sleep and felt worn out, gladly i found you guys and this meditation really helpes me to relax and find some peace

May 2020 by Linda

Rated: 5 stars

so peaceful

April 2020 by Jack

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